District Management Services

Boards of Supervisors District Management Services


Wrathell, Hunt and Associates, LLC

Local Office
9220 Bonita Beach Road
Suite 214
Bonita Springs, Florida 34135

Email: Cleo Crismond
Tel:  239-989-2939

Email: Chuck Adams
Tel:  239-464-7114

Corporate Office
2300 Glades Road
Suite 410W
Boca Raton, Florida 33431

Tel:  561-571-0010


  • Attend, record and conduct all regularly scheduled Joint Board of Supervisors Meetings.
  • Presentation of Districts annual joint budget in accordance with Chapter 190, Florida Statutes.
  • Ensure Districts are in compliance with administrative and financial reporting for Community Development Districts.
  • Correspond and communicate with Boards of Supervisors and Staff to respond to the various needs of the Districts and Communities.
  • Review and approve agendas for circulation to the Boards of Supervisors.
  • Review and approve annual joint budget, annual audits, monthly disbursements.
  • Review annual insurance policies to ensure that Districts maintain proper insurance coverage.


  • Transcription of all regularly scheduled Joint Board of Supervisors Meetings.
  • Prepare agenda packages for transmittal to Boards of Supervisors and staff at least 7 days prior to meetings.
  • Transmit proposed budget to local governing authorities 60 days prior to adoption.
  • Compliance with administrative statutes effecting the Districts, which includes but not limited to:
    • Transmit registered agent information to DCA and local governing authorities.
    • File Ordinance/Rule creating District with DCA within 30 days after creation.
    • Publish and circulate annual meeting notice.
    • Report annually the number of registered voters in the District by June 1, of each year.
    • Maintain "Record of Proceedings" for the Districts within the County the Districts are located, which includes meeting minutes, agreements, resolutions, and other required records.
  • Properly notice public meetings in accordance with the appropriate Florida Statutes in the newspaper of general circulation of the Districts, which include but are not limited to:
    • Annual Meeting Notice.
    • Public Hearing to adopt annual budget.
    • Public Hearing to adopt assessments.
    • Public Hearing to adopt general and procedural rules.
    • Public Hearing to adopt 197 Resolution.

Accounting & Financial Reporting

  • Establish Governmental Fund Accounting System in accordance with the Uniform Accounting System prescribed by Department of Financial Services for Government Accounting, which includes preparing monthly balance sheet, income statement(s) with budget to actual variances.
  • Accounts Payable and presentation to Boards of Supervisors for approval or ratification.
  • Prepare annual joint budget for manager's review and approval by the Boards of Supervisors.
  • Prepare year-end adjusting journal entries in preparation for annual audit by Independent Certified Public Accounting Firm.
  • Maintain checking accounts with qualified public depository selected by the Boards of Supervisors.
  • Compliance with financial and accounting statutes effecting the Districts, which includes but are not limited to:
    • Complete annual financial audit reports within 12 months after the fiscal year end.
    • Circulate annual financial audit reports to appropriate governmental agencies.
    • Prepare annual public depositor report.
    • Oversee and implement Bond issue related compliance, i.e., coordination of annual arbitrage report, transmittal of annual audits and joint budget to the trustee, transmittal of annual audits to bond holders and underwriters, annual/quarterly disclosure reporting, etc.
  • Transmit Public Facilities Report to the appropriate agencies.
  • Bind necessary insurance for the Districts, which includes liability, property, workers compensation, etc.